Cutty's Sunset Camping Resort

8050 Edison St. NE
Louisville, OH 44641
Fax: 330-935-0809
Campground Open May 1 - October 15

 For over 40 years, the resort has served up a quality camping experience, featuring full-service facilities, fine campsites, a full calendar of camping activities and easy access to the many attractions of the area.

Your hosts, The Gatrell Family, have built a resort that offers all the personal warmth of the sun plus the fun of first class facilities. I enjoy playing a little tennis (watch out, I've got a blinding overhand serve!), miniature golf, shuffleboard, full-court basketball and horseshoes with my fellow campers. Your little ones will just beam when they cut loose at the playground.

As you can imagine, I sometimes need to cool off. Thank goodness that Cutty's Sunset has a spacious pool.

Looking for an easy alternative to the traditional camping cookout? The resort features a restaurant with a full menu! Slip into the Ice Cream Parlor to enjoy dessert or just a quick treat (I have to eat fast or my ice cream ends up in a puddle).

Relaxation is easy at Cutty's Sunset. In addition to the lush, landscaped surroundings, the resort features a security gate for your peace of mind.

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