The Kelly Miller Circus Comes to Hartville | Schedule of Events

The Kelly Miller Circus Comes to Hartville | Schedule of Events

kelly miller logo-1The Kelly Miller Circus is on its way to Hartville! Join in as they celebrate their 75th anniversary with four spectacular shows.

Schedule of Events
Thursday, August 1st

  • 8:00am Hartville MarketPlace
    Tent Raising Breakfast

    On the cart:
    Breakfast Burrito- steak, egg, and cheese (feeds 2) $5

    Sausage Biscuit with Cheese $3
    Water/Juice $1
    MarketPlace (inside) special:  Biscuits and Gravy with coffee or juice $2.50
  • 8:30am Tent Raising by Elephant Power (weather permitting)
    This free event is open to the public and includes a behind the scenes look at the circus and a preview of the evenings’ performances.
  • 4:30pm Showtime
  • Kelly Miller Circus Camel Hartville7:30 Showtime

Friday, August 2nd

  • 4:30pm Showtime
  • 5:00pm Lions Club Chicken BBQ
    Hartville Kitchen parking lot
  • 7:30pm Showtime

Spend the whole day DISCOVERING HARTVILLE! Click here for a printable map.

Remember SR 619 is closed in Green.  Check here for a few alternate routes.

Do you have your tickets yet?

Pre-sale tickets are available through July 31st at Clearwater Park,VitaNet, and Hartville Hardware, and through July 29th at Hartville MarketPlace.

Adult tickets are $10 and children ages 2-11 are $6 (babies on laps are free).
On circus day prices are $15 for adults and $7 for children.

Tickets can be upgraded to ringside seats for $2/ea on circus day at tent raising or before the show.
Kelly Miller Circus Hartville tickets

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Christa is the President of Lake Twp. Chamber of Commerce and a Hartville resident. She loves discovering all the unique, fun activities and events the Lake Township area has to offer and sharing them with friends, family, or anyone she meets!